Project “Partnership for Nature”

In the period between December 2019 – September 2020, three BioNET members: Centre for Environment from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia and Centre for Protection and Research of Birds from Montenegro have implemented this project to increase public awareness about biodiversity protection in Southeast Europe.

This public awareness raising campaign was envisaged to inform citizens on values and importance of biodiversity protection while providing them with advice and ideas how to jointly contribute to the healthy environment. Besides citizens, campaign targeted media as a key channel of communication and sharing information with citizens by supporting the investigative methods of research and media publishing. Campaign targeted other relevant Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to use developed materials and examples of the good practice in their own missions outside the network. It also motivated interested CSOs to express their interest in establishing close cooperation and possible joint initiatives with the network and/or its members.


Project activities:

  1. Identifying campaign topics and development of promotional content/materials.

The project partners have identified list of themes for the biodiversity conservation campaign. Promotional content/materials were created in the frame of the three working packages, each focused at one of the identified topics/areas. All packages were unified to maximise campaign’s promotion and visibility.

  1. Celebrating biodiversity

In each of the partner countries, green calendar events were celebrated by organizing field trips to important sites and online events (competitions, quizzes) using the developed promotional material.

  1. Journalists for nature

For the purposes of enhancement, the media outreach of the awareness campaign, professional journalists were specifically engaged to prepare research articles on biodiversity protection.

Prevod je u pripremi i uskoro će biti dostupan.

Prevod je u pripremi i uskoro će biti dostupan.

Prevod je u pripremi i uskoro će biti dostupan.