How we do

BioNET is network of different and nationally recognized environmental CSOs from the Western Balkan countries that uses their long years of experience and knowledge for purposes of the planning and implementing of high-quality methodologies and approaches.

Our methodologies and approaches we apply within the following five main areas of our work:

a) Strategic planning
In our work we use strategic approach, not only for purposes of the network development, but for purposes of development of our activities, partnerships, capacity building, promotion and fundraising. That is enabled through active support and participation of wide range experts engaged within our member organisations fully available for network.

b) Cooperation with the relevant stakeholders
It is impossible to provide positive impact and efforts in our work without close partnership and communication with wide range of relevant stakeholders such as governments, public institutions, media and other CSOs. Our member organisations, and BioNET as such, established and regularly maintain communication with these in all Western Balkan countries through participation or leading the local and national wide coalitions, networks and platforms.

c) Communication and visibility
We strive to provide quality information and knowledge sharing amongst wider public, relevant stakeholders and partners, and therefore, one of our high quality is long years of experience and knowledge in conducting the promotional and educational activities.

d) Capacity building
We believe that network is strong only if each individual network member is highly developed and operational with its capacities. Therefore, one of our approach is to plan and conduct the regular capacity building activities on basis of the network members’ needs, but also on needs of the network as such. Capacity building activities that we are organising are conducted in form of the seminar, trainings and conferences.

e) Fundraising
For purposes of our sustainability and continuous work we use our highly developed fundraising capacities in development and submission of the high-quality projects fully based on needs and challenges of our target groups and communities aligned with our vision, mission and main areas of our work.

Prevod je u pripremi i uskoro će biti dostupan.

Prevod je u pripremi i uskoro će biti dostupan.

Prevod je u pripremi i uskoro će biti dostupan.